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Mystic Sweta

Skills: Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Reading, 


Total Exp: 5 Years

About me

My gift is to connect easily to the cosmic energy of all levels and dimensions of the universe that I intuit from the vast goodness of our universe, very specific information for each individual in need. I gladly give guidance in the arenas of love and relationships as well as business and wealth, you need nothing less than TRUEness to your concerns and questions. You deserve to have an honest reading. I've helped a lot of people realize the answers they need.

Is there anything bugging you that you want to be clear about? I enjoy being open and friendly and keeping myself in a loving and receptive state. Well, I'm here to give a helping hand.

I am also very empathic, which allows me to feel what others feel in the very core of their soul.

Reviews: (Avg Rating : 5)

Customer Reviews

mini (2121-01-22)

She was positive and light. Great chat!

jeniliya (2121-01-20)

Very warm and caring and very insightful

aryan (2121-01-20)

Lovely as usual

ansh (2121-01-20)

Amazing. Very clear and a lot of details

abhimanyu (2121-01-20)

Thank you so much for being patient and easy to talk to

Neelam (2121-01-18)

She was very patient and gave me positive reading...I don't know ..I have to wait and see what happens

jeet (2121-01-18)

Amazing and her predictions comes out true

ryan (2121-01-18)


teerth (2121-01-18)

Thank you for your comforting thoughts. I see things clearer now.

Tanish (2121-01-18)

Responds quickly and I’ll wait for prediction to unfold. Thankyou