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Date:  15th June '2021

*Gemini (May 21-Jun 21):  A family child may disappoint you. You may volunteer for an unplanned excursion with pals and have a good time. Today is a fantastic day to buy real estate. You are about to profit from a new diet and exercise regimen. Previous investments can assist you in becoming financially secure. Maintain vigilance at work, since you may fall victim to the intrigues of a professional adversary.

Love Focus: Your romantic ideas are likely to please lover.

Lucky Colour: Maroon

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 14, 18

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries

June 2021

This month may present some difficulties for you. Consider whether or not to offer left-handed compliments to others, as you may be displaying an unnecessary indulgence in giving advice when it isn't required. Your hard work and meditation may help you overcome some of your eccentricities that make it difficult for you to adjust in public. You'll be able to deal with people with more assurance now. Your overly sensitive emotions could stymie your personal development. Rather than reacting immediately, you must learn to let go and take things a little less seriously. Family issues and job-related uncertainties may cause you to face some difficulties in your life.Hope for the best, and family support may be able to assist you in overcoming your difficulties. This month, you may meet some trustworthy individuals who can assist you in overcoming your delusions. This could also help you develop your creative abilities. Your stubborn nature, on the other hand, may give the impression that you have an attitude and are unable to understand other people's perspectives. An act of virtue on your part, such as forgiving someone for a mistake that has caused you a great deal of pain, may increase your respectability among those you care about. This month, your physical health is likely to be excellent.Even if you encounter some difficulties, you may be able to overcome them. As time goes on, more people will come to you for advice. There may be some difficulties in your relationship, but with mutual understanding, you should be able to overcome them successfully.

This Year 2021


The year 2021 will be especially unforgettable for Gemini nationals. This will be a year in which you will be grateful for luck's assistance and even the removal of barriers that have been chasing you for a long time. This year, the Gemini zodiac will hopefully bring an end to old problems and begin anew. For this, you would be thankful to Jupiter's passage through Aquarius, whose part is also seen in the zodiac sign of Gemini. It will be a year in which all of the plans will come true if they are carried out on schedule and with dedication. So buckle in for a much smoother journey in 2021.In the year 2021, Gemini natives will be pleased to see an increase in their income. In fact, if you are conservative about the investments you make at the beginning of the year, speculative income can be rewarding. Investing for the long run would also pay off. However, if you are confident that you want to take a mid-term trading position or are able to take a gamble on derivative securities, you can consult an advisor before doing so. This will increase your profits; otherwise, you'll have to settle for less less.

Additionally, the year is favourable for natives seeking an intimate relationship.

Singles can quickly fall in love with their opponents and form relationships. As a result, Jupiter's aspect on your sign, as well as the zodiac sign of Libra, would be motivating. Libra is Gemini's zodiac sign's house of romance and relationships, and this component is considered particularly auspicious. As a result, the year is also beneficial for natives who are already in a relationship. The two of you will eventually settle down in a married relationship, which will get you together together. Students seeking higher education will benefit from the year 2021. Students can be very excited and energetic about learning new subjects and mastering them. If you're a Gemini resident who wants to practise and learn, this is the year for you. Jupiter will develop the scientific principles for this zodiac sign, as Saturn in the house of Capricorn will insist on you taking realistic courses. As a result, the year would be ideal for most Gemini Zodiac signs to study and put what they've learned into effect. In addition, the year is perfect for students interested in following any career path.Since the previous year was difficult in terms of health, the year 2021 will see a steady improvement in the condition. This will be a year in which all of the health issues will gradually go away. When you have been taking medication for a long time, it will also help you recover from your illness as quickly as possible. Your diet is one area that will need commitment. Just remember to take care of your wellbeing in the months of February, May, and September of 2021. Mercury will be retrograde for three months at this period.

With rising income in 2021, the year is expected to see a great time for acquiring money.In the year 2021, Gemini natives will expect to buy land, commodities, and even obtain credit to do so. As a result, the asset base in 2021 is projected to be slightly higher. Just request credit assistance if it is strictly required.The year will end well for natives who are planning to marry. If you've ever had a breakup and been unable to move ahead, the year 2021 will allow you to gradually forget about the past and look forward to a happier future. Singles will also find a nice life mate, who will encourage them to have a lovely romantic relationship. Marriage is in the cards at some point.