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Date: 15th June '2021

*Capricorn (December 22-January 21):A professional move might put you in a good position, but you must play your cards carefully. Because of pleasant company, a journey becomes more exciting. Some people can afford to buy a house or an apartment. On the academic level, a task presented may be praised. Your motto for good health is to eat well. Keep a tight eye on your spending because it will be considerably more than what you make.

Love Focus: Those seeking love are likely to get lucky soon!

Lucky Colour: Magenta

Lucky Alphabet: M

Friendly Numbers: 4, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Leo

 June 2021 

You may face numerous challenges in your life this month. It's possible that you'll have fewer opportunities and less energy to get things done. Working sincerely on your hobbies, on the other hand, may bring a ray of hope into your life. This is an excellent month to concentrate on yourself and your abilities. You should exercise caution when communicating and keep your ego in check. If you make rash decisions, you risk creating unfavorable circumstances for yourself. During this time, you may become more interested in the fields of cosmetics and clothing. Spending excessively on useless items should be avoided, and a reasonable amount should be set aside for the future.Venus' retrogression in the second half of this month could result in a financial or resource shortage. This is not a good month for business or pleasure travel. This month, don't expect much from your friends and family, as they may not be able to live up to your expectations. You will be devastated and disappointed if this happens. By the end of the month, you'll have overcome your obstacles and defeated your opponents. Your determination and self-assurance will be at an all-time high at this time. Your hard work and efforts up to this point may have yielded the desired outcomes. Your coworkers and superiors may congratulate you.This month, you can expect a promotion. Overall, this month will be challenging, but also promising.

 This Year 2021

The year 2021 is likely to be a transit-heavy year for your sign. In reality, if you are a Capricorn, the year 2021 will cause you to reflect on your decisions and maybe make changes. These chances will determine the course of your decisions in the future. In reality, the decision you make now and the steps you take to execute it will determine the year's outcome. As a result, the cosmic wisdom to you is to think long and hard before taking any action.

 One of the first things you'll do is reorganise your finances. Jupiter and Saturn's conjunction will allow you to invest, but only in a measured way. Saturn, as the lord of finance in your zodiac sign, and Jupiter, as the lord of failure, will place you to work on secondary and unrelated financial matters. The first step would be to plan your savings and also to keep track of your expenses. If you're dating, you'll set aside a part of your savings for future obligations. Simply strive to integrate this into the everyday life.

 The year 2021, on the other hand, would be favourable for love and marriages. The personality clash that existed previously will now be fully resolved. This will reinforce the two sides' relationship over the year. You would be pleased for your wife to share a romantic moment this year because Jupiter is out of the tumult this year. There were some fascinating incidents that you had previously overlooked.

Furthermore, students intending to seek higher education will benefit from the year 2021. Particularly in the field of experimentation and study.

Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction will aid you in pursuing fields of research such as finance, language, and engineering. Additionally, the transit of Venus in March and April will benefit students who are engaged in fine arts or artistic studies. You can also major in one of the subjects and earn a master's degree in it. This will help you make a more informed career decision in the long run.

Will your profession and industry graph be supported if your academics are supportive? Then the reaction is a resounding yes! For those graduating from high school or taking university examinations, this is a fantastic year to advance in their careers.

Despite the fact that the first two quarters of the year will be challenging, you will have time to rest in the second half of the month. A little patience will go a long way to help you out. For those who are still working, the year would be progressive. Your work would always be interesting, but you must take your responsibilities seriously. Have a blueprint for your future this year.

This year, your health will be the one thing that deserves your attention. Your year is likely to be exhausting thanks to the dual transits of Saturn and Jupiter.

However, despite being tired, you can take care of your wellbeing by having enough sleep to stay fit and safe. Jupiter's passage via Aquarius for the whole year would carry grace into your life. As a result, your fitness and health will improve.

When your health is in good shape, you naturally cultivate a desire to accumulate money. As a result, the year 2021 will be sluggish but steady in terms of sustaining and enhancing your wealth position.

Those in the corporate world should exercise caution this year. Whether you're trying to grow your business or invest for the long term, this is not the year for you. Investing in long-term plans can be avoided.

If you're dreaming about getting married, 2018 is a perfect year to do so. Beginning in January 2021, the year will offer you a plethora of successful marriage proposals to remember. The good news is that you will marry someone you have known for a long time.