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Date: 15th June '2021

*Cancer (Jun 22-July 22):Something you have achieved professionally is likely to be recognized. If you're organizing anything at home, make sure everyone is on board or you won't be able to proceed. On the academic front, you will be able to do far more than imagined. Maintaining your exercise efforts can greatly help you. You may not be in the greatest of financial health right now, but this is a period that will pass and will cause you problems only momentarily.

Love Focus: Things look bright for those bitten by the love bug.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Alphabet: R

Friendly Numbers: 7, 14

Friendly Zodiac Today: Virgo

 June 2021

It's likely that you'll have a good month. The positive planetary influences may greatly motivate you to achieve great success in your life. This month, however, there may be a lot of stiff resistance and disturbances. On a more positive note, during this month, you may receive new job opportunities and begin to develop positive feelings about your career and future. Regardless of the mental highs and lows you may experience this month, you have a good chance of achieving great success and gaining valuable knowledge. You might want to try to keep family traditions and culture alive this month.Also, if you manage your resources well, Jupiter's transit may assist you in accumulating wealth. You might even come up with new ways to make money. You might be able to keep your expenses under control. Unless you engage in speculation or gambling, your finances are likely to be sound. This month, Saturn may demand strict discipline and meticulous planning. Jupiter's transit also suggests that real estate issues will be easily resolved. Furthermore, you are likely to receive more than you anticipated. You may have a strong bond with your partner. During this month, the planets may assist you in strengthening your relationship. You and your partner are likely to share some wonderful moments.As a result of Venus's influence, your enthusiasm is likely to be at its peak, and your performance will improve as well. Relationships with friends and associates are likely to improve over time. However, you must keep your cool or the impact of Mars may cause disruptions. The planets may present you with numerous opportunities to advance in your studies. However, a lack of focus or concentration may prevent you from benefiting. Your health is likely to remain good this month, barring any minor issues.

 This Year 2021

The year will get off to a slow start. The year 2021 will be mildly daunting for Cancer zodiac sign natives. Saturn's passage via Capricorn, as well as its hash aspect on your sign, would be difficult to handle. Saturn, on the other hand, is known for rewarding hard work and commitment. As a result, all Cancer zodiac sign natives who are able to work hard are expected to boost their fortune. Jupiter will be transiting via Aquarius at the same time, which will include the impediments but not fully stop them. It is important that you continue to work hard to build your new fortunes.

 With the arrival of the year 2021, the trend of that income will continue. Since Jupiter is in Leo's income house, this would result in an increase in income for the year. You will find that your cash balance is improving, which will increase your luck. Alternatively, the factor of Saturn on your sign from Capricorn will cause you to see an increase in spending. The transit of Jupiter into the zodiac sign of Aquarius would also cause an increase in spending. Make sure you don't cave to any temptations and waste without seeing the bigger picture.The year will be mildly difficult for Cancer natives in terms of their personal and romantic lives, as misunderstandings will be the cause of wars.

Misunderstandings can arise due to Saturn's placement in your partner's house and its aspect to your sign. Especially in the middle of the year, from May to September 2020. Saturn would also aspect the house of romance and affection during this time, resulting in more fights and personality clashes. This year, avoid being harsh and adamant about your point of view.

Since discussing topics of romance and marriage, it's time to turn our attention to other aspects of life.Education and academics, for example. Students will have to put in more work in the year 2021. Do not expect luck to help you improve your fortune for this would reduce your chances of getting good grades. For competence enhancement by formal schooling, the year is again normal. You should, however, engage in vocational school to develop your skills and you will be putting it into effect on a daily basis. This will encourage you to continue to develop your working knowledge in the future.

This year, the desire to earn money through a proper career will be strong. Many born under the sign of Cancer who have been searching for a stable job will find it.

There will be more jobs and less opportunities for recreation. You'll go beyond and beyond to make your presence known within your business and organisation. This initiative on your part would be fruitful in improving your status. Additionally, anyone planning to operate on relationship business should show vigilance this year. With Saturn in your symbol, you won't be able to make any improvement.

Misunderstandings are common, and you'll have to work together to resolve them amicably.

With a healthy profession comes good health, and this is one place where Cancer natives must be cautious. 

Since Saturn is in its own home, it will make you sluggish and prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. Tension would be a normal occurrence to be concerned with. The good news is that Jupiter's passage through the sign of Aquarius would keep any major illness at bay this year. This should be a source of comfort for you in terms of your fitness.

Finally, the year will come to a close with a focus on married life and even capital accumulation.

 The value of wealth formation in ensuring the correct use of resources to the appropriate purpose can be underestimated. If you are already married, Jupiter's transit through Aquarius Zodiac sign will cause some disruption, but luckily, Jupiter's transit through Aquarius Zodiac sign will offer some support from elders who will be able to mediate and settle conflicts of opinion. If you're looking for a marriage partner, it's best to wait a while before making a permanent commitment.